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About this item

  • Cooling Fiber
  • This sporty cooling Towel is 40 inches by 12 inches. Made of three-layer fiber cooling-sensing material.
  • Rapid Cooling: The towels feature a good water absorption effect, quickly evaporates moisture, comfortable and breathable, with a good cooling experience. Any temperature, as long as the towel is soaked, twist off excess water, Then gently shaken the towel, it will cool down quickly, also can keep cool features after many time use, the cooling Towel will not affect the use effect.
  • Multiple Ways of Wearing: You can wear the cooling Towel as a headscarf, you can also hang it around your neck, you can also tie it to your hand used to wipe sweat.
  • Used in Varieties of Situations: This towel can be used in a variety of sports, whether it is indoor sports or outdoor sports, also works for fever or headache therapy, heatstroke prevention, sunscreen protection, cooling while absorbing, easy to carry, also can cool your pets.

Milsco Cooling Towel

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